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Ninjja Global Inc. focuses on generating personalized, quality outcomes for our clients and their consumers through face-to-face acquisitions and advertising. We design and implement intuitive customized marketing campaigns that deliver maximum exposure for our clients, with a fusion of intelligence and creativity


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Although initially we started by representing telecommunications clients, soon enough we realized we wanted to do something more. Our focus at Ninjja Global, Inc. is not just the marketing – it is the people we can change. To keep in line with that value, we underwent an entire campaign shift to focus on representing more the nonprofit sector, to protect worldwide ecosystems; animals; and children.

Of course, due to our CEO’s extensive sports background, we embody those principles as well, and also represent several professional sports teams. Our goal is to continue to represent the causes we feel passionate about and expand to markets all over the world.

Career Opportunities

Calling all backpackers, travel addicts, adventure seekers, and others with wanderlust.

Our Events Team is growing and we can offer an immediate start with training, so no sales experience is needed! We offer in-house and on-site product training along with guidance, support, networking contacts, mentors and more. At Ninjja Global individual success leads to team success, so it’s in our best interest to help you succeed!

We help match our client with the right customers by speaking with them face-to-face at events, retail shops and other venues throughout the region. In order to meet their needs, we need to grow our Marketing Team. Some of the people that start with us this quarter will have the chance to advance and assume additional responsibility within a few months time.

You’ll be able to learn and enhance the following skills in 6-12 months:

  • Sales and Customer Service
  • Marketing and Brand Management
  • Team Leadership and Motivation
  • Accounts and Financial skills
  • Recruitment and Business Management

Ninjja Global is an event marketing company with massive client-driven expansion goals for 2017. Our Director was the first Brazillian female to play baseball for the national team as well as the first to receive a scholarship to play softball in the USA!

In all the markets she’s worked in she’s found that people from a sport, health, fitness or similar background involving teamwork, competition, training, commitment and dedication tend to succeed. Therefore she is looking for 4 – 6 people with a passion for sports to join us ASAP!

As an Advertising & Events Associate you’ll be an active part of our fun and vibrant environment from the start. You’ll be learning and working towards achieving marketing, sales and customer service related targets. 

You’ll work in a variety of ways to promote our clients products and services in a favourable manner. The objective is to increase brand awareness and market share for our client in a given geographical area.

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