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Ninjja Global Inc. focuses on generating personalized, quality outcomes for our clients and their consumers through face-to-face acquisitions and advertising. We design and implement intuitive customized marketing campaigns that deliver maximum exposure for our clients, with a fusion of intelligence and creativity.

Our Mission

Our combat strategy gives our clients increased market share by improving their customer acquisition rates, saving them time and money. Ninjja Global Inc. will not use any traditional forms of advertising that tends to cost companies thousands, or even millions of dollars. Instead, the Ninjja Sensei face-to-face method will be implemented to provide a cost-effective yet thoroughly advanced marketing strategy for your brand.

What We Do
What We Do
How We Do It
How We Do It
Where We Do It
Where We Do It
Why We Do It?
Why We Do It?

Our Ninjja Team

We are a direct marketing agency from the heart of Miami. We create engaging campaigns, vibrant pop-up events, and add real value through relationships.


Although initially we started by representing telecommunications clients, soon enough we realized we wanted to do something more. Our focus at Ninjja Global, Inc. is not just the marketing – it is the people we can change. To keep in line with that value, we underwent an entire campaign shift to focus on representing more the nonprofit sector, to protect worldwide ecosystems; animals; and children. Of course, due to our CEO’s extensive sports background, we embody those principles as well, and also represent several professional sports teams. Our goal is to continue to represent the causes we feel passionate about and expand to markets all over the world.



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