Ninjja Global reveal their top three qualities that produce an effective leader

Ninjja Global is Miami's outsourced sales and marketing firm that focuses on event-based campaigns with the help of their dedicated body of brand ambassadors. The company has a high focus on their business development programs in which the progression and evolution of their aspiring entrepreneurs remain at the forefront of the brand's mission.  

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Ninjja Global provide their pocket guide on motivation.

Ninjja Global understands that motivation within the workplace can often be fleeting, only seeming to fly further away when you crave it most. The firm has therefore put together their pocket guide on the way to improve motivation for when it seems the hardest thing to grasp in the hope that their contractors will never be left struggling to find their motivational ethic.  

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Sports-Minded Recruitment Drive Launched by Ninjja Global Inc.

Sales and marketing giants Ninjja Global Inc. have lauched a campaign which reveals their desire to recruit sports minded individuals in a bid to make use of their transferable skills and competitive nature. With graduation season in full swing, the firm has released a statement divulging their interest in seeking individuals from sporting backgrounds who are looking to transfer the skills they learned playing sports, into the fast paced sales and marketing industry.

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