Ninjja Global Inc. Discuss the Correlation Between Staff Wellbeing and Customer Satisfaction

This week Simone Suetsugu, CEO of Miami’s premier sales and marketing firm Ninjja Global Inc., has been addressing the critical question; “Is improving workforce well-being the secret to brand health?” 

The CEO reflected on the growing number of companies choosing to prioritise well-being in the workplace, disclosing how, as a business owner, she has seen a definite link between a happy workforce and a happy customer.

“The connection between creating a positive workplace environment and creating a positive customer service experience to clients and customers is a seemingly obvious one, but many companies overlook the knock on effect these things can have on one another,” noted Miss Suetsugu.

Located on the Florida coast, Ninjja Global Inc. has taken this opportunity to check in with its workforce, workshopping the subject during their morning meetings this week. Self-made entrepreneur Simone Suetsugu often asks her workforce for feedback regarding company culture and atmosphere, and most recently, the difference an increased temperature has on the productivity and general well-being of the team.

Simone is mindful of the effect the summer time can have on contractors and recognises that companies sometimes see a lull in morale due to individuals’ who prioritise their desire to be out in the sunshine over their work duties. “As we are based in Miami we often experience sweltering temperatures, particularly during the summer months. However,  regardless of a company’s location I believe it is hugely important for business owners to check in with their workforce, in order to get an up to date idea of how everyone is coping with their workload and responsibilities.”

A study conducted in 2016 by the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development demonstrated a clear correlation between positive working conditions and satisfied customers. A spokeswoman for the CIPD explained: “Organisations that value their people in this way are more likely to create an environment where people are willing to exert discretionary effort on behalf of the organization and identify with its corporate goals and brand.”

Ninjja Global Inc. intends to continue the open lines of communication between management and contractors, to provide their workforce with the suitable working conditions required to provide a high quality of service.

The direct marketing firm focuses on generating personalized, quality outcomes for their clients and their consumers through face-to-face acquisitions and advertising. For more information ‘Like’ their Facebook page or Follow them on Twitter @NinjjaGlobalInc.

Simone Suetsugu