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My name is Rania Baker, and I grew up on a tiny island in the Mediterranean Sea called Cyprus. As the oldest of 4 kids, and the only girl, my parents had high aspirations for me. My passion had always been people – understanding them; fixing them; connecting to them; – so, it came as no surprise that I learned multiple languages. Following along with this passion for learning, my parents supported my scholastic endeavors 100% of the time. In fact, they ended up sending me to the US to complete my higher education. Initially, I started in Boston, where I did both my undergrad and my post-baccalaureate studies. From there, I moved to sunny Miami to pursue my Master’s degrees in science. My dream is to complete my MD/PhD studies and establish a pro bono teaching hospital, specifically for children. I have dedicated the majority of my life so far to scholastic growth, but now, I am exploring my more creative side. Ninjja Global, Inc. for me is more than just a job – it is an opportunity to change lives – not just mine, but all the people in our little niche; and all the people our clients represent.

My goals:

Goals are meant to be surpassed. My overarching goals are to open multiple offices in all the different time zones in the world, representing non-profit organizations that need an extra boost. Once I have made enough of a difference, I will open a teaching hospital, and of course, retire my patients. My immediate goal is to bring our culture; our system; and our people to Montreal, Canada, where we can continue to save the children we represent.

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